RAIN-E is being delivered by the National Centre for Atmospheric Science and the Environment Agency.

Tim Harrison is a Senior Advisor at the Environment Agency, based in Solihull – who has a national role to steer the river flood forecasting service.  He is the Senior User in the RAINE project, and provides the link to the UK Rainfall Detection Strategy.

Ryan Neely is the Lead Scientist for Radar Applications in Northern England (RAINE). Neely is a lecturer in observational science at the University of Leeds, where he works with the Institute of Climate Science, and the National Centre for Atmospheric Science.

Lindsay Bennett is the Instrument Scientist for RAINE. Lindsay is based at the University of Leeds, where she is responsible for the deployment, maintenance, and data management of the mobile X-band weather radar.

David Snaith joined the Environment Agency in 1998 and has worked over the last 20 years on many projects at both an area and national level relating to the technical aspects of the Flood Warning Service. As member of the Cumbria and Lancashire Flood Resilience Team he was directly involved in the response to a number of major flooding incidents affecting the UK including the autumn 2000 Floods in North East England and the major Floods in Cumbria and North West England in 2005, 2009, and December 2015. David is project managing RAINE.

Carol Holt is the Deputy Director for Flood Incident Management at the Environment Agency. Carol is the Project Executive for RAINE.

Jenny Kirwan-Evans is a Senior User for RAIN-E. Jenny joined the Environment Agency in 2017 as a Modelling and Forecasting Advisor, and she is technical lead on several high profile flood scheme appraisal projects, as well as supporting the flood forecasting services in the North West. She is a Monitoring and Forecasting Duty Officer (MFDO), a role which is responsible for providing up-to-date rainfall and river level forecasts to the operational area teams. This pulls from her previous meteorology background, as well as her appreciation for hydrology and catchment processes.