Radar Applications in Northern England will deploy a mobile X-band weather radar in Cumbria for twelve months

The mobile X-band radar is owned and operated by the National Centre for Atmospheric Science, who are deploying the radar in collaboration with the Environment Agency. The radar is the only one of its type in the UK.

The X-band radar will collect rainfall observations in a region that is currently underserved by the UK’s permanent radar network.  At present the UK has a network of 18 permanent weather radars, 15 of which are operated by the Met Office.  This network provides coverage to more than 99% of the UK, but there is room to improve the level of detail provided over Cumbria.

Information collected by the newly installed NCAS X-band radar will be used to improve the flood forecasting service provided by the Environment Agency, and will enable the Environment Agency to further evaluate their current rainfall detection strategy.

United Utilities have generously provided logistical support and a suitable site for the NCAS radar at Sandwith, and the local authority Cumbria County Council have offered their support to help deliver RAIN-E.